Build accurate lists with smart filters

Connect with prospects at scale through a stronger sales pipeline

Personalization is the key to a winning sales strategy. It is crucial to approach prospects by understanding where they come from and what their requirements are. 

However, personalizing each and every engagement is close to impossible. But what if you could group leads with similar backgrounds and pain points together, and engage with them, all at once? 

With Lists, you can collect contacts/ companies that require similar sales strategies to convert in one place. Effortlessly build and manage contact/ company lists with zero risk of duplicates. 

This article discusses the following: 

Create Lists for Contacts/ Companies

  • On Outplay, click the Leads tab on the top panel. 

  • Click the Lists tab. 

  • You can select the Lists section for Contacts or Companies as per your requirement.

  • Click Create List

  • The Create List dialog box pops up. Here, you can enter the name of the list. Click Create

The list is created.

Add Contacts/ Companies to a List

You can select multiple contacts/ companies from the search page and add them to your list. 

  • Select the checkboxes for the records you want to add. You can click the More Options button and select the Add to List option. 

  • Next, you can select the list to which you want to add them. 

You can add a contact/ company to a list from their information page

  • For Contacts, click the arrowhead next to Prospect Actions on the contact information page and select the Add to List option. 

  • For Companies, click the arrowhead next to Save as Account on the company information page and select the Add to List option. 

TIP: You can add contacts to a list before unlocking their details. Additionally, you have the option to unlock the details of all or selected contacts in a specific list. Click Reveal All in a list of your choice.

TIP: You can click the More Options icon for a particular list to edit its name or delete it.