Use the sequence Stats screen to see how your sequence is performing, including your prospect response rates, and a summary of your activity in each of the sequence step types.

The Overview section gives you the broad picture of how your sequence is performing:

  • The prospects in your sequence, including those who are active, paused, finished, opted-out and bounced.

  • The number of prospects an email has been delivered to, and the opened and replied rates.

The Emails section shows how your emails in this sequence are performing:

  • The number of emails delivered, number of replies and opens.

  • The number of links clicked in emails

  • The number of bounces, out-of-office replies, other auto-replies and opt-outs.

  • The number of email tasks skipped.

The Calls section shows accumulated metrics for all the calls in your sequence:

  • The number of calls you've made.

  • The number of calls answered, not answered.

  • The number of call tasks skipped.

  • The number of each call outcome that has occurred.

The LinkedIn section shows the number of LinkedIn tasks performed:

  • The total number of LinkedIn touches to prospects.

  • The number of profile visits, connection requests, InMails and other LinkedIn tasks.

  • The number of skipped LinkedIn tasks.

The Twitter section shows the number of Twitter tasks performed:

  • The total number of Twitter touches to prospects.

  • The number of follows, re-tweets and other Twitter tasks.

  • The number of skipped Twitter tasks.

The SMS section shows metrics of text messages :

  • The total number of SMS sent.

  • The number of SMS tasks skipped.

The Tasks section shows you a summary of the generic tasks in the sequence:

  • Number of generic tasks performed.

  • Number of generic tasks skipped.

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