Character limit for SMS is 160/sms.
However a single SMS can accommodate up-to 1600 characters, even after the character limit for a single SMS is 160. This is because today most modern phones and networks support concatenation and segment and rebuild messages up to 1600 characters.

If you exceed the characters, Example: if you send an SMS with 1600 characters, user will get a single SMS/thread with all the characters (1600) i.e, the full SMS.
But in this case, for billing purposes system calculates it as 10 SMS's and will charge you for the same. 

As of now the system does not allow you to include links in SMS. It goes as a normal text. However most of the smart phones now a days convert the text as link's wherever found in the SMS body.
Also, in your Outplay account it will shown as a normal text and not link. 

Note: It depends on the recipient's phone to show it as normal text or as link.  


There are various status for an SMS like "Delivered", "Failed", "Scheduled" and so on.
As we use Twilio as our Calling/SMS partner,  below mentioned Twilio website link provides you all the information in regards to all the status.


You can add a SMS forwarding number to your outplay account and it will forward all your SMS's received on the primary number to this number. 

NOTE: You will not be able to send a reply back, this facility just acts as a reminder/alert for you. You need to log in to Outplay to reply back. 

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