How to Enrich Your Leads by CSV Upload on Outplay

Improve Your Lead Lists with the Latest Contact & Company Information

As a sales or marketing professional, it is important to have accurate and complete data for your leads. Outplay's Lead Enrichment by CSV Upload allows you to easily add valuable lead information to your existing contact lists, saving you time and resources in the process. 

In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to upload a CSV file and enrich your Outplay leads.

Prepare Your CSV File

To ensure the best possible enrichment results for your CSV file in Outplay, make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Proper Formatting: Ensure that your CSV file is properly formatted with the correct column headings. Include relevant information such as Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Job Title, Company Name, and Industry.

  • Maximum Capacity: Keep in mind that Outplay can only enrich a maximum of 5,000 leads or companies at a time. If your CSV file contains more than 5K leads, consider splitting it into multiple files for easier processing.

  • LinkedIn Profile: If available, include each contact’s link to their LinkedIn profile. This will help Outplay to better match and enrich the data for your leads.

  • Required Fields: Each contact must have an Email Address or a combination of Name + Company Name. This will ensure that Outplay can accurately match the data and provide the best possible enrichment results for your leads.

By meeting these criteria, you can ensure that your CSV file is optimized for enrichment in Outplay, resulting in more accurate and comprehensive lead information.

Enriching Leads via CSV Upload

Here are the steps to enrich leads via CSV Upload on Outplay:

  • Log into Outplay and click the Leads tab.

  • Click Enrich by CSV from the sidebar menu.

  • Click the Enrich Your Leads button.

  • The Enrich by CSV window opens up. Here, you can complete the fields under the following sections:
    • Upload File
    • Map Fields
    • Review
    • Enrich


Step 1: Upload File

  • Under Select the type of objects you would like to enrich, choose Leads.


  • Click Choose File and select the CSV file of your choice in your system.


  • Click Continue.


  • The more information you can provide, the higher the chances of finding the right match. Include these data in your CSV for the best possible enrichment results:
    • LinkedIn URL (98% match)
    • Name + Company (90% match)
    • Current or Old Email (50% match)
  • You can download a sample CSV file with leads to try out Lead Enrichment by CSV Upload. 

Step 2: Map Fields

In this section, you can map the fields present in the CSV file to the Outplay Lead Fields. This ensures that data is entered in the right fields. For example, you can map the Name field under CSV File Fields to the Name field under Outplay Lead Fields.

  • You can choose to either simply enrich the leads in the CSV file or add them to a list on Outplay. In the field for What do you want to do with this CSV?, you can select Enrich Leads or Add to List.
    • If you choose to Enrich, the next step is to Review and Import.
    • If you choose Add to List, the next step is to Import.

  • Click Continue to proceed further.

NOTE: Add to List will only import the leads in the CSV file to your Outplay account. Leads will not be enriched.


Step 3: Review

The Review section is where you can check the details of the CSV file that you have uploaded for lead enrichment. It provides you with the following information:

  • Total Records Extracted from CSV: This displays the total number of records present in the CSV file.
  • Credits Needed: This shows the total number of lead credits that you will require to successfully complete the enrichment of leads in the CSV file.
  • Credit Balance: This shows the total number of lead credits that you currently have in your Outplay account.

Once you have reviewed these details, you can click on the Continue button to proceed with the lead enrichment process.

NOTE: The number of credits used may be less than or equal to the amount stated, and no credits will be deducted for leads that have already been revealed.


Step 4: Enrich

The Enrich section is where you can manage the leads that have been enriched. You can perform the following actions with these leads:

  • Add them to a new or existing list: Navigate to the Create or Map to List field and select the list to which you want to add the enriched leads. If you want to create a new list, you can enter the name of the list and select it from the drop-down.
  • Add them to a sequence: Navigate to the Add to Sequence field and select the sequence to which you want to add the leads from the drop-down.
  • Add them as prospects: Select the checkbox to add the enriched leads as prospects.

NOTE: Only enriched leads are added to the sequence or saved as prospects.

After you have completed the lead enrichment process, it may take some time to enrich the leads, depending on the data in the CSV file and the response time from data providers. You can track the progress of the lead enrichment process under Notifications.

Once the lead enrichment process is complete, you will receive an email notification informing you of the same.

Download Enriched CSV

In the Enrich by CSV section, you can find all the CSV file uploads for lead enrichment. For each CSV upload, you can view the Upload Type, No. of Records, Matched Records, Credit Used, Uploaded By, Uploaded Date, and Status.

You can download the enriched CSV file by navigating to the CSV upload record of your choice, clicking the More Options button, and selecting the Download option.

The enriched CSV file is downloaded to your system successfully.