How to Export a Prospect List on Outplay

Learn how to export your prospect list with the desired columns

Exporting a custom prospect list is an important task for sales teams to manage and analyze their prospects effectively. Outplay allows you to apply various filters/sort to your prospect list and export them with the specific columns that you require. 

In this support article, we will guide you through the process of exporting a prospect list from Outplay.

  • Log into Outplay. In the Engagement section, click Prospects on the sidebar menu. 

  • Here, you can view all your prospects.
    • Apply filters: You can filter by a variety of factors, such as engagement level, account stage, and more, to create a custom prospect list. 
    • Sort the prospect list: You can sort by name, owner, stage, and more.

  • Click the Export button to begin the export process.

  • In the Export Column window that pops up, select/ deselect the checkboxes for the Default or Custom Columns you want to include in the export.

  • Click Export

After the export is complete, you'll receive a notification indicating that the CSV file has been downloaded and saved on your system.