FAQs - Lead Sourcing by Outplay

All your questions about Lead Sourcing answered!

  • What is lead sourcing?

Lead sourcing on Outplay is the process of finding and identifying leads or prospects who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. Through Outplay, you can apply several smart filters and find leads who qualify as per your ideal customer profile. Get started with Lead Sourcing here.

  • What are lead credits?

Lead Credits are tokens that can be used to unlock details, such as contact information, about a specific lead who qualifies as per your ideal customer profile. It can also be used to unlock information,  such as Top Employees,  about companies that fit your ideal customer profile.  

  • How many lead credits does it take to unlock the details of a contact/ company? 

One lead credit is used to reveal the details of a single contact or company. 

  • Is a lead credit used even if I click on a contact or company? 

No, unless you click Get Details, lead credits are not used. A notification for the same is displayed before viewing details of a lead with lead credits. 

  • How do I purchase more lead credits? 

You can purchase more lead credits from the Billing page on Outplay

  • How do I source lead information in bulk?

You can learn more about sourcing lead information in bulk here

  • Is there an expiration date for lead credits?

No, there is no expiration date for lead credits that were purchased by you. The remaining lead credits are transferred to the following month. 

  • Will my lead credits be rolled over to next month? 

Yes, your remaining lead credits are transferred to the following month. 

  • Can I get a refund for lead credits? 

There are no refunds available for lead credit purchases. However, if you’ve purchased them, you can always use them on Outplay at your discretion as they do not have an expiration date.  

  • I have revealed the details of a few contacts and it displays Reveal in Progress status. What should I do? 

A notification for the Reveal in Progress status is generally displayed after you initiate a reveal for contacts in bulk. You can click on the Notification Bell icon on the top panel and navigate to the Others section to view the progress of your reveal. 

  • I’m able to reveal the email addresses of contacts but not phone numbers. Why? 

If you are unable to reveal phone numbers, you might be on a plan that allows you to reveal the email addresses of contacts only. You might also have purchased lead credits that only offer you access to email addresses. You can upgrade your plan or purchase lead credits for Emails+Phone Numbers from the Billing section on Outplay.

  • How many contact details can I reveal at a time?

You can reveal up to 500 contacts at a time. 

  • How many lead credits can I purchase in a month?

You can purchase a maximum of 10,000 lead credits in a month. To purchase more, you can get in touch with Support.

  • Is there a search limit? 

Yes, you can make up to 3 contact searches in a minute and up to 50 contact searches in a day. 

  • How can I view my recent searches? 

You can view your recent searches by clicking the Recent Searches button next to the Search Bar. You can also find your recent searches on the Leads homepage. 

  • How can I view my lead credit usage? 

You can learn more about viewing your lead credit usage here

  • How can I review credit usage for a specific user?

Yes, you can analyze lead credit usage based on user, credits consumed and date. Here’s how you can keep track of lead credit usage

  • Can I view all my revealed contacts in one place?

Yes, you can. In the Leads section on Outplay, click ListsContacts/ Companies ListRevealed List.

  • How can I find the number of lead credits I have? 

You can view the available lead credits on the Leads homepage or the Search page

  • How can I save a view?

You can click on the Save View button on the Search page to name the view and save it. Learn more about saving a view here

  • If a team member reveals the details of a contact, will the contact appear revealed for all other team members as well? Is a lead credit used to reveal the details of the same contact?

When a team member reveals a contact, it stays revealed to everyone in the team. Contact details are revealed on an account level. Lead credits are not used to display the details of the revealed contact to a team member.