How do Schedules affect automated emails in Sequencing?

In this article, we shall discuss how schedules affect email sequencing and

Prospect schedules can be set up within Outplay as per the time zones in which you are interacting with your prospects.

To know more about how to set up schedules click here.

Schedules affect the email deliverability within Outplay. 

Emails are scheduled through Outplay as per the prospect Timezone and the timezone is associated to the schedules chosen for the prospect or sequence.

If a prospect already has a Timezone associated, then the system will send the email scheduled as per the Timezone of the prospect, for example, if with a sequence the default timezone chosen is for the UK, and the prospect has a timezone for the UK, the email will be sent as per the sequence.

But if the prospect has a different time zone, the system will take the prospect's time zone into consideration rather than the sequence time zone. The email will be sent out for this prospect later.

If the prospect has no timezone, the email will not be scheduled out., so It is important to add a timezone to the prospect even if not present.