How to directly add leads to an Outplay sequence 

Add leads as prospects to Outplay sequences with a few clicks

Save time for things that truly matter! You can directly add contacts that qualify as prospects to an Outplay sequence of your choice. Leave repetitive, manual tasks to us and accelerate your sales outreach efforts.

Here’s how you can add contacts to Outplay sequences: 

Once you have filtered and identified contacts as your leads:

  • Select the checkboxes for the contacts you want to add to an Outplay sequence. 

  • Click the Add to Sequence button

  • If you haven’t unlocked the details of the contacts, a notification for the same is displayed. Click Reveal & Notify to proceed further.

  • A lead credit is used for every contact you unlock. A notification indicating the same is displayed. Click Proceed using Credits

  • Once the contacts are unlocked, you can select those contacts and click the Add to Sequence button. 

  • The Add to Sequence window pops up. Here, you can select a Personal Sequence or a Team Sequence to which you want to add the leads. Click Add

The contacts are added to the Outplay sequence of your choice. 

TIP: You can also add a contact to a sequence from the contact’s information page.