How to find companies that fit your Ideal Customer Profile

Accelerate your sales prospecting and reach more decision makers

What’s the secret to a successful sales strategy? It all begins with identifying the type of companies you want to do business with. Do you want to engage with startups or medium-sized companies? Do these businesses work in a specific field or belong to a particular geographic location? 

With Outplay, you can use smart filters to identify your ideal customers from an extensive database and begin prospecting instantly. Find and engage with the right prospects at the right time! 

NOTE: Sufficient leads credits are required.

Here’s how you can find companies that fit your ICP: 

  • On Outplay, click the Leads tab on the top panel. 

  • Click the Companies tab.

  • Click the Expand icon on the Filters sidebar. 

  • Here, you can add filters to find the companies that fit your ICP. You can also choose to search for companies by their name. 

  • When you search for a company or apply specific filters, you can find a list of companies that fit your ICP requirements listed to your right. 

  • For a company, you can find information such as Name of the Company, Location, Website, Company Size, and Revenue on the panel.

  • Click the Get Details button to view detailed information about the company. 

NOTE: 1 Lead Credit is used to view the details of a company. A notification for the same is displayed before viewing company details.

  • The details of the company are displayed. Here, you can view:
    • Company Details (Location, Employee Count, Annual Revenue, Industry Type, Founding Year, Trading Market, Market Cap)
    • Engagements: View your engagements with prospects, sequences and opportunities associated with the company. 
    • Top Employees: View the leadership employees of the company. 
    • Fundings
    • Company Technology
    • Similar Companies

  • To save the company as an account, you can click the Save as Account button. 

  • To add or remove a company from a list, click the arrowhead icon next to the Save as Account button and select the preferred action. 

TIP: You can view all the employees at the company by scrolling down to the Top Employees section and clicking the View All Employees button.