How to purchase lead credits on Outplay

View high-value information of qualifying leads with lead credits

Now that you have identified your leads on Outplay, how do you view their information? 

You can use lead credits to view high-value, accurate information of qualifying leads - all with a simple pay-as-you-go model!

Here’s how you can add lead credits to your account: 

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

  • Click Billing from the sidebar menu and navigate to the Subscription section. 

  • Click the Change Plan button in the Engagement panel. 

  • On the Upgrade Plan page, navigate to the Credits section

  • You can purchase lead credits for email addresses alone or with access to phone numbers as well. Select the checkbox for Include Phone Numbers if you want to include phone numbers and adjust the slider to select the number of lead credits you require. You can view the total amount for the selected number of lead credits on the right. 

  • Review your Purchase Summary on the same page and click Proceed to Pay

  • On the Payment page, you can add a new card or select an existing card of your choice. Click Pay

  • When the payment is successful, the lead credits are added to your account.

After successful payment, you will receive an email notification for the same. 

NOTE: You can download your invoice from the Invoice section under the Billing section on Outplay