How to source lead information in bulk

Never run out of accurate, reliable, and up-to-date lead data

Outplay helps you find prospect details in seconds, keeping your sales pipeline full. To make it easier to look up contacts, you can source emails, phone numbers, and so much more, in bulk! You can even generate a unique list and never let an opportunity slip through the cracks. 

Here’s how you can source lead information in bulk:

NOTE: You can also click the Select All On This Page option for ease.

  • Click the Get Details button.

  • When you’re sourcing lead information in bulk, a list is created first, and then the reveal is executed. A notification for the same pops up. Click Create List

  • On the Add Contacts to List dialog box, you can:
    • Select a list to which you want to add these selected contacts. You can also create a new list by selecting the Create a New List option from the drop-down.
    • Enter the number of contacts you want to add to the list. 
    • Enter the maximum number of contacts associated with the same company you want to add to the list. 
    • Enable the toggle to Exclude Previously Revealed Contacts, if required. 
    • Click Preview Samples.

  • The Preview Samples section will display a few of the selected contacts and their details. You can review the same and click Generate List

  • A notification mentioning the number of lead credits that will be used to generate the list is displayed. Click Yes, Proceed

The list of unlocked contacts is generated. 

NOTE: If retrieving details take time, you will be notified when the same is complete.

TIP: Click on the Notification Bell icon and navigate to the Others section to view progress of the bulk reveal.