Out of Office FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Out of office.

1. How exactly does the BOT return date extraction feature work?

BOT reads the email and extract the return date mentioned in the message.

2. Does BOT protect from false extractions?

Yes. the upper limit set is a 100-calendar day cap - if the return date is 100 days or more from the extracted date, BOT will not register the extraction.

3. Where can I modify the return date extracted from BOT?

You can modify the extract date from below mentioned options

a. Prospects >> Sequences

b. Prospects >> Emails >> OOO Email

c. Sequences >> Prospects >> Proposed

4. On what kind of emails OOO will work?

OOO will work only for those prospects' emails that are mapped in any sequence. OOO will not work for one-off emails.

5. What if BOT is not able to extract the return date?

If BOT cannot extract the return date, then default no. of days set under OOO settings for the respective sequence will be applicable. If the OOO settings for the sequence are not configured, then global settings set under ORG settings will be applicable.

6. Why can I not see a pop-up from BOT though I have received the OOO email?

  • One of the below cases may apply

  • The email sender i.e. prospect is not in a sequence.

  • The extracted return date is more than 100 days from the current date.

  • The return date mentioned in the OOO email is a date that occurs in the past.

7. Can BOT read relative statements like "I will return at the end of next week."?

Yes, BOT can read these relative statements and the email send date is used to calculate the extract date.

8. If the org settings/sequence>> Settings are not enabled, will there be any return date?

If the settings are not enabled, then there will be no return date for that prospect.

9. If the prospect is mapped with more than 1 sequence and the OOO email is received for one sequence email what will happen to other sequences?

The system will mark the prospect as OOO for all the sequences s/he is part of and the return date received will be mapped in all the sequences.

10. If the prospect is mapped with more than 1 sequence and the return date is not mentioned, what will happen in that case?

The system will mark the return date on every sequence basis of the return date configuration mentioned in all the sequences.