Save custom views and obtain leads easily

Find leads to expand your outreach efforts in one place

Assume that you’re identifying great leads with the help of several smart filters that reflect your ideal customer profile. Now, you might select a few leads from the lot to start off with. But how do you go back to add more viable leads from the same search result? Apply those multiple specific filters all over again? 

Not anymore! On Outplay, once you search for leads with specific filters, you can save the search results as a view and access them with a click. Save the view and save time!  

Here’s how you can save custom views and obtain leads effortlessly:

  • Once you have applied filters and narrowed down on contacts/ companies, the relevant search results are displayed

  • Click Save View

  • The Save View window pops up. Here, you can complete the fields for:
    • Name
    • Owner
    • Share With

  • You can also view the applied filters for the search result. You can choose to remove filters at this stage, if required. The search results are updated accordingly. 

  • Click Save to save the view.

The view is saved. 

NOTE: You can view your saved views by clicking Views and selecting My Views. Here, you can find all the views created by you. By clicking the More Options button, you can edit the view or set the view as default.