Connect Zoho Mailbox to Outplay

In this article, we will discuss on how to natively connect Zoho Mailbox into Outplay.

Sending emails through Outplay gives you templates, automation, and tracking capabilities well beyond regular email, making your sales process faster and more efficient. Outplay sends emails by connecting to a Gmail account, Office 365, Zoho, and SMTP/IMAP.

You can change which Gmail account Outplay is connected to and manage your signature and opt-out text in the Mailbox screen.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Mailbox.

You can:

  • Blind carbon-copy all emails sent by Outplay to any email address you add to the Bcc field.

  • Customize the From Name of the emails Outplay sends.

  • Add a Signature to the emails Outplay sends.
    Signatures can include links, images, and text formatting.

  • Customize the Opt-Out Text and link that Outplay includes in emails.

You can change and connect to your Office 365/Zoho mailbox as well on the same screen (Mailbox). Once you disconnect your Gmail for example, you will get 2 other options to connect with as per the below screenshot:

Click on the Office 365 tab to get redirected to the credentials page, enter the same, and get started.

To get started with SMTP/IMAP you have to click on the IMAP/SMTP tab, please find the link below to understand how to connect the same:

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