View your lead credit usage

Keep track of lead credit usage based on user, product and date

When you purchase lead credits on Outplay, they are available to you on an account level. This means that the lead credits are accessible to your team members as well. 

So, how do you know who used your lead credits and how much of it? How did they use it? When did they use it? 

We’ve got you covered there!

  • On Outplay, click the Leads tab on the top panel. 

  • Click the Credits button displaying the number of lead credits you have remaining. 

  • The Credit Usage window pops up. Here, you can view lead credit usage as per User, Product, Count, and Date & Time.

NOTE: Here, Product refers to the method of usage. It shows how the lead credit was used; for a lead reveal, company reveal or bulk reveals.

  • You can view stats such as Search Limit/ Minute, Search Limit/ Day, Search Limit/ Total, Lookups/ Minute and Lookups/ Month

  • Click on the Filter button to view lead credit usage based on the User, Product or Date. For example, you can select a specific user and view their lead credit usage.