Zoho Mail & Zoho Calendar <> OP Integration

Users with Zoho as their email provider will be able to connect their Zoho account to send & receive emails within Outplay.

Zoho Mail Integration from OP Platform:

In OP Platform:

  1.  Under Profile settings >> Email Box >> Zoho Mail. Users can click on the Zoho mail option and there would be an authentication page where they need to choose an account and then read the terms and conditions.
  2. Users can finish the setup by clicking on the allow option which shall redirect them to Outplay dashboard which marks the integration as completed.

Zoho Calendar Integration:

In OP Platform:

  1. Under Profile settings,>>Calendar>>” Choose Zoho calendar” as an option.
  2. Once the calendar is selected it shall provide an “enable” screen where the user needs to authenticate this, Click Configure Now on the pop-up that appears.
  3. Users need to Click Authorize against Zoho Calendar in the Manage Calendars section and accept once the pop-up of auth screen appears.