Automate your sales process with triggers

Use triggers to automatically update your accounts and prospects, add or remove them from sequences, and streamline your process

Keeping your prospect profiles up-to-date is vital for helping your team achieve their sales goals. Outplay's triggers take the headache out of maintaining profiles by making the updates for you.

A trigger has two parts:

  • The event that causes it to occur, such as a prospect profile being updated, a prospect replying to an email, or several other event types.

  • The actions Outplay should perform, such as updating the prospect's profile, adding or removing them from a sequence, creating a task, or many others.

You can add criteria to the event, such as the prospect belonging to a particular sequence, or having a particular field, to make sure the trigger only fires when you want it to. And you can add multiple actions to a single trigger if you need to perform several tasks.

With triggers and sequences, your whole sales process can run smoothly behind the scenes, giving you more time for your sales conversations.

Triggers are configured by your team admin in the Triggers screen of Settings.

Trigger order

Triggers are tested in the order they are listed on the Triggers page. If you have triggers with actions that may impact the criteria of other triggers, make sure you've ordered your triggers appropriately. You can move a trigger up or down in the list using the options icon.

Create a trigger

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Triggers.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Type a descriptive Rule Name.

  5. Select the event that should trigger the rule.
    Add criteria if you want the rule to only be used under specific conditions.

  6. Click Add Action.

  7. Select the Action you want to perform and configure the action's fields.

  8. If you want to add more actions, click Add Action again.

  9. When you've finished adding actions, click Save.

Now users will also have the option to search for triggers created within Outplay and also Tag them if necessary.

Please refer to the screenshots below -