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Choose which prospect phone number to text on Outplay

Texting your prospect is an excellent way to stay on your prospect's radar while they consider your competitors. In fact, research states that commercial text messages have a higher open rate than emails. 

On Outplay, if your prospect has multiple contact numbers, you can choose which phone number to send the text message or SMS to easily.  

Here's how you can send an SMS to a prospect with multiple numbers:

Log into Outplay.

Under the Engagement section, click Prospects from the sidebar menu.

Double click the prospect to whom you want to send the text message.

The Prospect's Information Panel slides in from the right. You can navigate to the Text (SMS) section.

In the Send To field, you can choose the phone number to which you want to send the SMS. Here, you can select the default phone number and/ or any one of the alternate phone numbers, if available.

Once the preferred phone number is selected, enter the body of the SMS.

Click Send to send the SMS instantly. You can also choose to schedule the SMS as per your requirement.

The SMS is sent to the phone number selected for the prospect. 

TIP: All SMS activities for a prospect are displayed with the specific phone number you chose to contact. It also highlights if the particular phone number is the default number or an alternate one. You can view SMS activities:

Under the Activity section on a Prospect's Information Panel

In your Outplay Live Feed

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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