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Install Outplay Connect Chrome Extension

Complete tasks and access Outplay from Gmail and LinkedIn.

Multi-channel outreach is pivotal in today’s sales process. But, navigating between several tools and tabs to complete tasks can interrupt your team’s focus and affect their productivity. 

Outplay Connect offers you dynamic access to your Outplay account. Now, take prospecting to a new level and breeze through your sales tasks from Gmail and LinkedIn. 

* This extension is accessible on Google Chrome and Chromium-based browsers only.
* Ensure to log in to your Outplay account.

Install Outplay Connect

Click here to find Outplay Connect on Chrome Web Store.
Click Add to Chrome to install the app.

On the pop-up window, click Add Extension.

Outplay Connect will be downloaded and added to your Google Chrome browser.

Click the Extensions icon and navigate to the Outplay Connect tab. Click the pin icon on the tab to pin Outplay Connect to your browser panel.

Configure Outplay Extension Settings

Once Outplay Connect is installed, you can access your Outplay dashboard and modify your notification settings in a few clicks. 

To access your Outplay dashboard:

Click the Outplay icon on your Chrome browser panel.

From the drop-down window, click Go to Dashboard.

Your Outplay dashboard will open in a new browser tab. 

To configure your notification settings:

Click the Outplay icon on your Chrome browser panel to view the Outplay Extension Settings in the drop-down menu.

Activate the toggle for the following activities:

Email OpensTo receive a notification when an email is opened by a prospect.
Link ClicksTo receive a notification when a prospect clicks a link in your email.
Email ReplyTo receive a notification when a prospect responds to your email.

Know your way around Outplay Connect

The Outplay Connect panel gives you complete access to your Outplay account from Gmail and LinkedIn.

To access the Outplay Connect panel, click the Outplay widget

On Gmail, the Outplay widget will be visible on the top, between the Settings gear icon and Google Apps icon.

On LinkedIn, the Outplay widget will be visible on the right side of the page.

The Outplay Connect panel slides in from the right. Here, you can: 

Add a prospect

Search for a prospect

View Live Feed

View Tasks

Search for a Task

View tasks based on type

Start tasks

By selecting a prospect’s profile, you can execute the following tasks:

Add the prospect to a sequence
Send an email
Make a call
Send an SMS
Send a WhatsApp text message
Add a task

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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