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Meetings Count in Reports

Understanding Meeting metrics in Outplay

Your Prospect books a meeting with you using the Outplay's Calendar Meeting Link then that Meeting Booked is counted in Outplay Reports.

There is another scenario that happens very often is your prospect messages you on LinkedIn and you both agree for a meeting on a particular date and time.

It will look very unprofessional if you send him/her the Meeting Link again just to pick a date and time considering the fact that the prospect just picked a date and time during the conversation you had with him.

You want that meeting booked to show in your Outplay Reports, to do that all you have to do is just go and book in Gmail/Apple Calendar and that Meeting Booked will be counted in the Outplay Reports.

Also, Meetings booked are now attributed to the respective SDR:

If while booking a meeting the Prospect gives the same email id or the SDR enters the same email id of the prospect as it is there in Outplay then that meeting will be attributed to the SDR whose meeting link has been used to book the meeting.

Also, the meeting will be attributed to the SDR who is sending the invite for the prospect from his Email Calendar.

The Meeting Booked either via the calendar invite or using the meeting booking link will be counted in the meeting booked stat in the reports section.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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