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Outplay Connect Chrome Extension & LinkedIn Automations

Complete your task from Gmail using Outplay Connect Extension

Outplay Connect allows users to create prospects in Outplay, add prospects to sequences, create tasks, and reach prospects seamlessly from Gmail & LinkedIn.

How to Install and use Outplay extension -

  1. Access Google Chrome.

  2. Search Outplay Connect on your Chrome web-store.

  3. To directly install Outplay Connect, use this link.

  4. Install the extension on your Chrome and ensure the Chrome is updated to its latest version.

  5. After a successful installation, pin the Outplay Connect to your webpage and make sure the Outplay Extension Settings are allowed & enabled.

As per the new enhancement on the extension, we have automated some LinkedIn Tasks


The user now can just click on the task and we will perform it.

Please check out the video below for your reference. 

  • Inmail - https://share.vidyard.com/watch/cAk9bhaMCJhVxpw5FJFHyZ
  • Connection Request - https://share.vidyard.com/watch/F2aHe1orKBpw4ZwXBosJzq
  • View Profile - https://share.vidyard.com/watch/pi6o1nNEJ6mfNxwKohTpeg 



Outplay Connect with Gmail

  1. Click on the 'Compose' and enable Outplay Connect. This allows Connect to create new prospects in Outplay, sync prospect replies, track opens and clicks, and gives you access to Outplay right from Gmail.

NOTE: You can turn ON and OFF Outplay Mode if required.

Create a prospect from Gmail to Outplay

  1. Email addresses have to match with the prospect email added in Outplay.

  2. Enable the Outplay mode, so when an email is sent through your mail provider, the activity will also be recorded with the prospect activity in Outplay.

  3. Click on the gear icon and enable the clicks and engagements so that the data is also tracked and published within the Outplay dashboard.

  4. This extension allows the user to book a meeting and use predefined templates that have already been created within Outplay.

  5. Set follow-up tasks - By using this option, users can make sure they are setting follow-ups with the clients either responsive-unresponsive status and also can be added to sequences.

Outplay Connect with LinkedIn

Once Outplay Connect has been installed, within LinkedIn, a widget with the Outplay logo would be visible on the right side of the screen and Now tasks performed through the extension will be automated.


  1. Within LinkedIn, users can create a prospect, create a task, and add the prospect to Outplay or to a predefined Sequence. You can also directly place a call using Outplay Connect.

  2. Once clicked on the extension, all the tasks, emails, and calls would be viewable on the widget.

  3. Live feed can be accessed and all the activities for the prospect will be shown.

  4. For adding a prospect from LinkedIn to Outplay :

    1. Open the Outplay Widget on the LinkedIn home page.

    2. Navigate to the prospect profile page on LinkedIn, the widget will check if the prospect has already been added, if so, it would show the prospect details, if not, the option to create a prospect would be provided.

    3. Click on “Contact info”, so that the widget pulls in the email and other information from the Page.

    4. If extra details are to be added, can be added in the fields provided manually.

    5. The prospect will be added to Outplay.

Note - If prospect contact info is not available on LinkedIn, we will not be able to fetch the data.