Add criteria to your triggers

Use criteria to create a trigger that only fires under the specific circumstances you need.

Triggers can be powerful automation tools, but only if you can make them specific enough. With criteria, you can specify conditions the event must meet for the trigger to fire and complete your actions.

For example, maybe you want to add prospects who've booked a meeting to a follow-up sequence, but only if they're high-value accounts, or booking that meeting from a specific sequence. You can specify these as criteria.

Criteria can be either:

  • AND, where the trigger will only fire if all criteria are met.

  • OR, where the trigger will fire if any criteria are met. 

Add criteria

To add criteria:

  1. Click the plus button.

  2. Click either AND or OR.

  3. Select the criteria you want to use.

  4. Select the comparison type, such as equals.

  5. Select or type the value.

Using criteria groups

You can also create criteria groups when you need to get more specific or flexible with your criteria. Groups allow you to treat multiple criteria as a single rule, to create "any of these" or "all of these" sub-criteria. 

You can create groups within groups, as far down as you need.

To add a criteria group, click the options icon next to the plus button at the level you want to create the group.


Let's look at some examples:

The prospect is in the Post-conference follow-up sequence, and is located in any of a group of cities:


The prospect's account is in any of this group of cities, and has between 100 and 500 employees:


The prospect's account is in any of this group of cities, and either has between 100 and 500 employees or has a high account value: