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How to add prospects to a sequence and activate it

Effortlessly add prospects to a sequence and activate it with a click

After you’ve created a sequence and configured its settings, you can add prospects to the sequence and activate it. By doing so, you can follow up with prospects easily, track your response metrics, and automate tasks.

Add a prospect to a sequence

  • On Outplay, click Sequences from the sidebar menu. 



  • On the Sequences page, select the sequence to which you want to add prospects. 



  • On the top panel of the sequence, click the Prospect tab. 



  • Click the Add Prospect button.



  • The Add Prospect(s) to Sequence window pops up.


  • You can complete the fields in the window as per the table below.



Search Prospect

Enter the name of the prospect and select the same from the drop-down options. 

TIP: Multiple prospects can be selected in this field. 

Add to 

Select the step to which you want the prospect to be added. 

Send Email From

Select the mailbox from which the emails for the prospect have to be sent.

Select Opportunity

Select the opportunity linked to the prospect.


  • After completing the fields, click Add



The prospect is now added to the sequence. 


NOTE: You can also add new prospects into the sequence manually or by importing prospects via CSV file.

Activate your sequence

You can activate a sequence from the Sequences page. 

  • On Outplay, click Sequences from the sidebar menu. 


  • From the list of sequences, navigate to the sequence you want to activate.


  • Enable the toggle to activate the sequence.


  • The Activate Sequence window pops up to confirm the activation of the sequence. 


  • Click Activate.


The selected sequence is now activated. 


TIP: You can also activate a sequence from within the sequence. On the top panel, you can enable the toggle to activate the sequence.