Create a task and Set Task Priority

Create a task and Set Task Priority Create tasks and assign them to yourself or your team members.

In Outplay, most of your tasks will be created by your sequences, or by triggers you use to automate your processes. But you can also create tasks for yourself or your team members using the Tasks screen.

You can create a task to:

  • Email a prospect.

  • Call a prospect.

  • Interact with a prospect on LinkedIn or Twitter

  • Complete a generic task.

Tasks are given a due date, and can be assigned to yourself or to any other team member.

Create a task

  1. In the Tasks screen, click Create Task.

  2. Select the task type you want to create using the icons at the top.

  3. Select the Prospect to create a task for.

  4. If your task is a LinkedIn or Twitter task, select the type of interaction in Action Parameters.

  5. Type any additional notes in the Task Description.

  6. Select the Date and Time the task should be completed by.

  7. Select who should perform the task in Assign to.

  8. Click Save.

Setting Task Priority

  1. You can now set task Priority as Normal, High, Critical and Low.

  2. By Default the priority will be shown as Normal and you can change and save it.

  3. All the old tasks priority will be set to Normal.All the old tasks priority will be set to Normal.