Let AI write your emails - Email Writing Advanced

Wish Outplay can write emails for me - Wish granted!

Outplay is now injected with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Advanced email writing will help you creating templates by combining AI recommendations, Prospects and Account information.

While generating emails, Outplay AI will take the prospect's hobbies, title or designation into consideration and help you design a new template.

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What Outplay AI can do and where can I use?

Multiple versions of Emails – Option to rewrite the emails, e.g. if the generated email is not satisfactory, no problem!  By clicking on the rewrite option, Outplay AI will rewrite the email or generates a new email for you.

Option to move front or back – Switch between emails, e.g. Lets assume an user has regenerated the email 5 times and s/he now wants to select the 3rd
template generated, then the option to move front and back will help the user to pick a right one!

You can use Outplay AI to write your Email templates and one-off emails.