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View your email outbox

View your scheduled, sent, failed and draft emails in the Outbox

You can use the Outbox to view:

Automatic emails that have been scheduled to be sent later.
You can edit, delete and reschedule these emails, or send them now.

Emails that have been sent.

Emails that failed to send.

Emails that have been drafted but not sent.

To open the Outbox, click More options and then click the outbox icon.

Edit a schedule email

Click a scheduled email to edit it. Once you've edited it, you can:

Click Save Changes to send the email at its original scheduled time.

Click Send to send the email now.

Click the arrow next to Send to schedule a new time to send the email.

Reschedule emails for later

You can reschedule emails that haven't been sent yet.

In the Scheduled list of the Outbox, click the checkbox next to the emails you want to reschedule.

Click the Reschedule button at the top of the list.

Delete a scheduled email

Note: If you delete an email from a scheduled sequence, the sequence is paused for that prospect at the current email step. When you resume the prospect in the sequence, the email is recreated and scheduled to be sent.

In the Scheduled list of the Outbox, click the checkbox next to the emails you want to delete.

Click the Delete button at the top of the list.

*NEW* Search your Outbox with all new filters 

You can now look for specific emails or drafts in your Outbox. If you know what you’re looking for, type your search criteria directly into the search box. 

You can also search for mails from specific teams, users, sequence, prospect or draft date using the Outbox Filter.
Click on the filter icon and choose your criteria from the list. The list will include Teams, Users, Sequence, Prospects, and Draft Date. 

Outbox Filters

Once you select the criteria - let’s say Sequence for example - you will get a dropdown list of all available sequences, from which you can choose the one you want.  Click on the option you want and select Apply Filter to get your results.

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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