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Add a meeting invitation to your email

In this article, we will discuss how your prospect can choose a meeting time that works for them with a meeting invitation link.

You can add meeting links to your emails to invite your prospects to book meetings at times that suit them.

You can configure your meeting availability in the Calendar area of Settings.

Click the meeting link button on the email composer.

Select the Calendar the meeting should be booked to.

Select how long the meeting should go.

Click Insert Link.

The meeting link is inserted at the current cursor place.

You can change how the meeting link appears in your emails:

Click the meeting link in the email composer.

Click the edit button.

Type the new Text to display.

Click Insert Link.

Purpose of the Meeting (Performance Booster)

When your prospect books a meeting, you will get a message or a reason for the meeting as a part of the email. By knowing the purpose of the meeting at an earlier stage, it is a super advantage for you to collect all the resources and prepare to attend the meeting with the fullest potential thus improving efficiency.

In Outplay, we can also filter out meetings based on Assign to, Booked by, Date range, Sequence, Accounts, and Fields option. The dynamic functionality of the Date range filter allows you to filter out meetings that are in past, present, and future (custom date is also available)

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Updated on: 23/05/2024

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