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How to set up your meeting availability on Outplay

Create windows of availability for prospects to book a meeting with you.

Outplay takes care of your meetings for you. You can set available time slots and other specifics to ensure that you have an opportunity with every prospect. Moreover, you can configure your personal meeting link, schedule reminder emails, and much more.

Need a break between two consecutive meetings? Hoping to avoid spontaneous bookings? We’ve got you covered! 

Configure your meeting availability settings

NOTE: Ensure your calendar is connected to Outplay.

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.



  • On the Settings sidebar menu, navigate to the User section and click Calendar



  • Complete the essential fields under each section. 


You can configure your calendar settings in this section. 



  • Under the Calendar section, you can fill the following fields: 




Connect your calendar to Outplay. 

Choose Calendar

If you have sub-calendars for the calendar you connected on Outplay, you can switch and select between them through this option.

Time Zone

Select your time zone.

Meeting Duration

Select your preferred duration for a prospect meeting.


Enter a description of where your meetings take place so prospects know what to expect when they book. For example, Zoom.

Description/ Instructions

Enter descriptions for the meeting or instructions for your prospects when they book the meeting.


Meeting Link

Your prospects can book a meeting with you through your personal Meeting Link. 



Click Edit Link to edit your meeting link. You can make changes as per your requirement and click the tick button to save the edit. 

NOTE: Certain special characters cannot be used to create the Meeting Link. 





To share the Meeting Link, click on Copy Link and share the same with your prospects. 



NOTES: You can directly insert your meeting link in your emails from the Compose Email window on Outplay.

Prospect’s View: 

When a prospect clicks your meeting link, they will be directed to the Book Meeting page where they can choose a preferred day and time for the meeting. 



After confirming the time slot, the prospect can enter details such as Name and Email to confirm the booking with you. 




Configure Availability settings to ensure that you are well prepared for the upcoming meeting. This setting lets you avoid spontaneous meetings and prevents prospects from booking uncertain time slots. 




Under the Availability section, you can complete the fields as per the table below:




Buffer time between meetings 

You can set the buffer time (in minutes) between two consecutive meetings in this field. Outplay will ensure to offer prospects time slots after taking the buffer time into consideration. 

Prevent meetings less than

You can avoid spontaneous meetings by configuring this setting. Enter the time (in hours) you require before a prospect books a specific time slot for a meeting. 

How far in advance meetings can be booked on your calendar

You can avoid prospects from booking time slots too far from the present date. You can enter the number of days within which a prospect can choose a time slot for a meeting. 


Working Hours

Set working hours to let prospects know when you're working and what time you're available on every day of the week. 

  • Click on the days that you’re available for a meeting. 
  • Set your working hours for each day. 



NOTE: Setting Working Hours will not allow prospects to book a meeting with you outside of these hours.

Meeting Reminder

Schedule a message to remind prospects before the meeting. 

  • Enable the Scheduled Message toggle. 



  • Input when you want to send the reminder for the meeting. For example, you can set the reminder to be sent to the prospect 10 hours before the meeting starts. 



  • Enter the subject and the body of the reminder email. 



  • Click Save

Your meeting availability is configured.