Set up your meeting availability

Connect your calendar andsetup your meeting availability and reminders so prospects can easily book a meeting with you.

Connect your calendar and configure your meeting availability in the Calendar screen so your prospects can book meetings with you directly from chat or email

Note : Calendar will be automatically connected once your mail box is connected.

Your prospects can choose a time that works for them, while you can manage the available time slots they can choose from, and configure an automatic reminder to be sent before the meeting.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Calendar.

Set your meeting description and duration

  1. Select the Calendar you want meetings to be booked to.

  2. Select the Time Zone you want to use for meetings.
    This can be set separately from your email scheduling time zone.

  3. Select how long your prospect meetings usually run in Meeting Duration field.

  4. Type a description of where your meetings take place in the Location field so prospects know what to expect when they book.

  5. Type a Description of the meeting or instructions to be shown to your prospects when they book the meeting.

Set your meeting hours

Configure the hours when prospects can book meetings with you, and how much time you'd like between meetings:

  1. Under Availability, type the minimum gap you want between meetings, and how soon and how far ahead you'd like prospects to be able to book meetings with you.

  2. Under Working Hours, select which days you're available for meetings, and select the start and end times of your meeting availability. Prospects will not be able to book meetings with you outside of these hours.

Set your meeting reminders

Outplay can automatically remind your prospects of upcoming meetings over email.

  1. Toggle Scheduled Message to turn the automatic reminder on.

  2. Select how long before the meeting to send the reminder.

  3. Type the Subject  of the email.

  4. Edit the email reminder to send.
    You can use to personalize the email with the prospect's or account's information and meeting notes.

  5. Remember to Save your changes.