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Email Alias

Connect upto 4 different emails to within your Mailbox

Email Alias

Outplay now provides users to add email aliases to their connected mailboxes.

You can use GMAIL/Office365 or SMTP/IMAP to connect your mailbox to Outplay. Once, the mailbox is connected, on clicking the respective account, the user will be taken to the login page and the system will ask the user to enter his/her credentials for login.

Users will be taken to the screen, where they can create, assign, delete and manage their email aliases. Currently, 4 email aliases can be created and managed within Outplay. For adding a new Alias Email - click on “Add Email Alias”.

Among the alias emails and default email connect, users will be able to identify the same under this screen. By clicking on the ellipsis button, users can remove, edit or delete the alias emails.

Remove Alias – Clicking on this button will remove the email alias entered by the user.

Set as Default - Select this option, if you want to set the alias email id a default for all the actions in outplay

Edit - Click on edit, to open the send settings and Signature settings.

Send & Signature Settings

If you want to set separate settings for each alias, you can do that by editing the SMTP, Signature, and Send settings. As per the screenshots below, you can set your SMTP settings first,

then will be prompted to set the Mailbox and Signature settings.

The functionality of changing emails while sending emails and setting sequences are also available.

Compose/Email writing screen – Here, we have added a field called From which will be a drop-down and show the default email address along with the email alias id. This option is also available on manual email task execution, refer to the screenshot below.

Sequence Prospects Screen:** Here, while adding prospects to the sequence, the email from which the emails are being sent will show and the option will populate to choose alias emails id’s as well.

Option to switch From email will also be available within the Sequences >> Prospect section as well, refer to screenshot below, users can select prospects in a sequence and send emails to them using different emails.

While also adding the prospect to a sequence, users can select different email addresses. This functionality works across the Outplay dashboard and can be found within sequences, prospects, Templates, or in One-off emails as well.

NOTE:** The use of an email alias does not change sending limits. Your primary account address and all of its aliases count toward a single limited number of emails per day. So, if your account includes both and the alias email address, then the daily limit of emails in a 24-hour period for both is 500 (for a Gmail account) or 2,000 (for a paid Google Workspace account).

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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