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Email Sending Errors in Outplay

In this article, we will discuss the common errors faced while scheduling emails.

Outplay allows users to connect mailboxes such as Gmail, Office365, Outlook, Zoho, and SMTP/IMAP-supported mailboxes.

Emails are scheduled through Outplay but eventually sent out through your mailbox.
Some of the common errors faced are mentioned below in this article and how to resolve them.

Users can navigate to Outbox to view their failed emails and the reasons behind them.

1. No Email

If the prospect added to the sequence doesn't have an email associated with them, the email will fail.

To resolve this, the user will need to update the prospect email address or assign the alternate email address as the default one.

2. User Alias not found

This error occurs when the prospect is assigned to a user, by any other admin, and the correct mailbox is not chosen or the prospect doesn't get assigned correctly.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below - 

Navigate to Outbox.
Go to failed Tab.
Select the failed prospects which have "user alias not found" as the error highlighted.
Click on the

 "Choose Mailbox to Reschedule button".

Choose the correct mailbox from the pop-up.
Emails will be rescheduled and sent out.

3. Template variable missing

When adding prospects, sometimes, some fields are missed out, due to which when these prospects are enrolled in a sequence that has custom variables used in the templates.
As the variable is not present for the prospect information, the email will fail.
To fix this, the user will need to go to the prospect's profile and update the information and retry the failed email through the Outbox.

4. Email Listed in Blocked Domain

If Admin has added domain to the blocked domain within outplay, any prospects with that domain will be blocked for sending the emails out and this will be shown under the failed emails.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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