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Generate personalized emails with Magicmail

Save time by letting Outplay AI write emails that click.

You may spend quite a lot of time writing personalized emails to prospects every day. With Magicmail by Outplay, skip the typing process and find more time for the tasks that matter. 

Powered by intelligent and intuitive AI, Magicmail creates ready-to-be-sent emails in seconds.

To ensure that Magicmail generates emails that are personalized and precise, you can add essential information about your prospect.  Outplay AI will use the provided information to create unique, customized emails that will significantly improve your sales pitch. 

Configure Magicmail settings

NOTE: Outplay AI takes all available information about the prospect, such as their designation, company name, even the context of their previous response to your email, to generate a personalized email with a click. Hence, you may configure Magicmail only if you require high levels of personalization incorporated into your emails.

On Outplay, open the Compose Email window through task execution or one-off email.
Click the Magicmail widget visible on the right side of the window.

Click Configure Data Input.

In the Configure Data Input section, you can view prospect information such as Name and Email Address. You can also add prospect information to the available fields.

You can add prospect information as per the table below:

Once the information is saved, click Generate Mail.

Generate personalized emails

When you click Generate Mail, Outplay AI will analyze the information you have entered in the Configure Data Input section and create an email that checks all the boxes.

If you want to generate a new mail, click the Magicmail widget and click Generate Mail.

Outplay AI will generate a new email with the provided information.

You can also navigate between the generated mails to choose what works best for you with the arrow keys on the Magicmail widget.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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