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How to add Scheduler Pro to your subscription

Upgrade to Scheduler Pro for more flexibility and features

Scheduler Pro comes with no limitations when compared to its free counterpart. For example, you can create multiple forms and meeting types on Scheduler Pro. Moreover, features such as Slack Notifications come as an added advantage. 

Here’s how you can add Scheduler Pro to your subscription plan: 

On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Click Billing from the sidebar menu. The Subscription section is displayed by default.

Click the Change Plan button in the Scheduler panel.

On the Upgrade Plan page, navigate to the Scheduler section and select Scheduler Pro.

NOTE: Scheduler Pro is applicable per user. If you want to purchase the add-on for more users, you can select the number of users for the service.

Review your Purchase Summary on the same page and click Proceed to Pay.

On the Payment page, you can add a new card or select an existing card of your choice. Click Pay.

When the payment is successful, Scheduler Pro is added to your subscription plan. You can begin using Scheduler Pro right away! 

You will receive an email notification for the same as well. You can download your invoice from the Invoices section under Billing on Outplay.

Updated on: 28/06/2024

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