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Get started with Meeting Scheduler by Outplay

Easy, hassle-free meetings with Outplay Meeting Scheduler!

High-value prospects, big-ticket accounts, and the confidence to overachieve your quota. As a salesperson, nothing can stop you this month! 

But, what about the piling mammoth of manual, mundane, time-consuming, non-revenue generating tasks on your to-do list?! 

A fine example would be the banter to book meetings! Sales appointment scheduling eats up far too much precious prospecting time. You have to go back and forth on emails, messages and calls multiple times to book that one crucial meeting. 

And, after going through all that, a quarter of these meetings are just a no-show! 

What if you could simply skip to the good part? Save time to sell more by transforming the way you schedule & manage meetings! 

Say hi to Meeting Scheduler on Outplay! 

What is Meeting Scheduler by Outplay?

Through Meeting Scheduler on Outplay, you can go beyond fixing sales appointment scheduling problems. In fact, you can automate the entire sales process! Custom built for sales teams, this tool automates scheduling like never before, making it a hassle-free activity. 

Take a closer look at Meeting Scheduler on Outplay: 

Embeddable calendar and seamless booking

Meeting Scheduler on Outplay enables new leads and prospects to see your calendar, find open slots, and book meetings at a time that is convenient for them. All you need to do is generate an embed code and your calendar will be embedded on your website. 

So, when a lead visits your website, this slick calendar tool will grab their attention and make it super simple for them to book meetings. And you can happily use the rest of the time to build a pipeline!

An all-view calendar

You cold-called or cold-emailed your prospects and your persistence finally paid off as they agreed to a demo. But you can’t do a demo all alone, can you? You need at least two, and at times, more people from your organization to help you make that demo successful. 

So, how can you get your colleagues on board? You call, message, or email them, right? With Outplay Meeting Scheduler, you don’t have to anymore.

This tool lets you view your colleagues' calendars and makes appointment scheduling an effortless task. You can avoid the back and forth, collaborate at a suitable time for all, and avoid meeting overlaps effortlessly.

Intelligent meeting distribution

Embedding a calendar on a web page eases the process of scheduling meetings for your prospect. But how do you distribute the incoming meetings amongst your salespeople? You can’t keep assigning all your leads to the same person, they’ll be overloaded, leaving others unable to hit their quotas. You’ll have to liaise with various people to see who’s free, and then, distribute new leads - a super tedious and time-consuming process.

On Meeting Scheduler, you have the option to distribute meetings randomly or by round-robin. The intelligent round-robin scheduling feature takes away the burden of manually distributing new leads to your sales folks. Using custom lead routing rules, it auto distributes new leads - ensuring equal opportunity without the administrative burden that comes with it.

Custom Forms to bring in leads

With Meeting Scheduler on Outplay, you can create strategic forms to invite leads to book a meeting with you. Ask the right questions and stay well-prepared for any meeting. Moreover, you can customize a form right down to fonts and designs to reflect your brand’s identity and style. Nothing says professional like a custom form!

Insert meeting slots into your emails

Through Meeting Scheduler on Outplay, you can insert meeting slots and share your availability with leads. You can simply share your availability within your prospect email - both meeting slots and the link to those available slots can be inserted. 

You can provide prospects visibility into your calendar and let them choose slots, avoiding the back and forth.

Discover, engage, and convert your leads - all from a single platform

Your ultimate goal is to close more deals. What if you could do it all on one platform? Say goodbye to switching between multiple tools and apps! 

On Outplay, you can search and find the right prospects and decision-makers, engage them through an automated yet highly-personalized multi-channel outreach strategy, and book meetings on the go! 

Moreover, Outplay eliminates non-selling tasks such as managing emails, inputting sales data, updating prospect information, booking meetings, and much more. Thereby, boosting your productivity, prospecting time and revenue!

How to get started with Meeting Scheduler by Outplay?

Here’s a quick guide to get you started with Meeting Scheduler:

Step 1: Create a meeting type on Scheduler

Step 2: Create custom forms on Scheduler

Step 3: Invite leads to book a meeting via Scheduling Link

Step 4: Manage your inbound leads via Scheduler 

Step 5: View inbound lead activities

Step 6: Manage your meetings on Scheduler

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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