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How to derive reporting metrics in Outplay

In this article, we will discuss how to track and derive the report's metrics.

Outplay tracks all your emails, calls opens, and click rates. These are shown in the Reports in Outplay. We will discuss how users can derive these values from the platform and look at the raw data.

1. How to derive total tasks completed by the user.

Users can track their tasks in Reports, the data shown will be as per the date range chosen.
Here for example, If I want to derive how the user Shreya, who has completed 602 tasks in the date range 22nd to 29th March 2022.

Navigate to Reports and choose the date range in mind.
Navigate to the Tasks section and Go to Completed Tab.
Filter the user and also filter the Due Date to the custom date range or the last 7 days.
Remove any additional filters and you should be able to see the data as per the reports.

Please check out the video below.

2. How to derive the total number of emails sent.

Users can navigate to the Outbox and you will find all the emails sent out from the account with the timestamp next to it. 

In the screenshot, above, user Syed Haider has sent 24 emails to all his prospects in the date range 22nd to 29th of March 2022.

Users can navigate to the Outbox and scroll down to find the number of emails sent, the number of emails sent in the date range would be matching the number in the reports.

3. How to derive Calls made and SMS sent.

User can derive the total number of calls made and SMS's sent from the reports by navigating to the Calls & SMS section as shown in the Video below.

Here we would like to derive the 368 number of calls made by Shreya Since the 22nd of March.

Navigate to Calls & SMS section.
Choose Filters & Views and Filter the user and the date range, also change the direction of the call to Outbound.

To derive the SMS's sent, please again navigate to the Calls & SMS's section and follow the steps below -

Choose the filter for the user
Choose the date range and direction of the SMS ( Inbound or Outbound).
User should be able to see the SMS and the contents as well.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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