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How to manage custom dashboards on Outplay

Manage your dashboards with ease

On Outplay, you have complete control over your dashboards. You can easily edit an existing dashboard to add or remove reports, delete a dashboard you no longer need, and even set a dashboard as your default dashboard to access it quickly. These options allow you to manage your dashboards in a way that best fits your team's needs.

Here’s how you can manage a custom dashboard on Outplay: 

Log into Outplay. In the Engagement section, click the More Options button on the sidebar menu and select the Reports option.

Click Go to New Reports.

Click the Dashboards tab.

Navigate to the Custom Dashboard section and select the custom dashboard you want to manage.

Click the More Options button for the dashboard.

Here, you can choose to edit, clone, delete, or mark a dashboard as default.

Edit a dashboard

Select the Edit option.

The Edit Dashboard window pops up. Here, you can update the fields as required:
Name: Update the name of the dashboard.

Privacy: You can update the access to the dashboard by choosing Everyone or Only Me
Click Update.

The dashboard is edited successfully. 

Clone a dashboard

Select the Clone option.

The Clone Dashboard window pops up requesting confirmation for the action. Click OK to proceed with cloning the dashboard.

The dashboard is cloned successfully. The cloned dashboard is added to the list of dashboards under Custom Dashboards

Delete a dashboard

Select the Delete option.

The Delete Dashboard window pops up requesting confirmation for the action. Click OK to proceed with the deletion.

The dashboard is deleted successfully. 

NOTE: Once a custom dashboard is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

Make a dashboard as default

Select the Make as Default option.

The dashboard is set as default successfully. 

TIP: Click on the More Options button for a specific report in a custom dashboard to Edit or Delete it. You can even add the same to a new or existing dashboard. 

TIP: You can also add Standard Dashboard reports to your Custom Dashboard and save it. Click the More Options button for the Standard Dashboard report and choose to add to a new custom dashboard or an existing custom dashboard

Updated on: 09/06/2024

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