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How to purchase multiple mailboxes on Outplay

Expand your outreach process with multiple mailboxes on Outplay

On Outplay, you can connect multiple mailboxes and switch between mailboxes with a click. This way, you can bypass any email sending limits and connect with more prospects easily. 

NOTE: The mailbox limit for Starter, Growth & Enterprise is 1, 2 and 5 respectively.

Here’s how you can purchase multiple mailboxes on Outplay:

On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Click Billing from the sidebar menu and navigate to the Subscription section.

Click Modify Plan on the Engagement panel.

On the Upgrade Plan window, navigate to the Addons section and find Mailboxes.

Add the number of mailboxes you want to purchase for your subscription plan.

Review your Purchase Summary on the same page and click Proceed to Pay.

On the Payment page, you can add a new card or select an existing card of your choice. Click Pay.

When the payment is successful, the additional mailboxes are added to your subscription plan right away! 

You will receive an email notification for the same as well. You can download your invoice from the Invoices section under the Billing section on Outplay.

Updated on: 10/06/2024

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