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Preview your emails before sending them out

Previewing an email before sending it can help ensure that the email is effective in conveying the intended message and that it is free of mistakes. It can also help you make sure that the email is addressed to the correct recipient(s), the subject line conveys the matter accurately, and ensures that any attachments or links included in the email are correct. 

Additionally, it can help you catch any last-minute changes or updates that may need to be made before the email is sent. 

Here's how you can preview custom variables before sending out emails:

Once you have composed your email with the desired custom variables, click the Preview Email button on the Email Composer.

The Preview Email panel slides out from the right. Here, you can preview the email you are about to send. Custom variables used in the email are highlighted in red.

TIP: You can preview the Subject of your email as well. If you have used custom variables in the Subject, you can preview the same before sending your email out.

You can click the toggle arrows to navigate between emails for multiple prospects to check if the custom variables are accurately replacing information as per the prospect. You can browse emails for up to 20 prospects.

You can also preview the email by sending a test email to yourself. Simply click the Send Test Email to receive a version of the email in your inbox.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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