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Understanding email validation statuses on Outplay

Navigating Different Email Verification Results

Email communication is a crucial part of any modern business, but with so many different types of email addresses floating around, it can be challenging to ensure that your messages are reaching the right people. 

To help you stay on top of your email communication, Outplay offers a range of email validation statuses, designed to help you quickly identify which emails are safe to send and which ones may result in a bounce or spam. 

In this article, we will go over each of the different email validation statuses available on Outplay and explain what they mean, so that you can manage your email campaigns with confidence.

Understanding Email Validation Icons

Every email address field in a Prospect’s Information Panel has the Validate button to initiate the validation process for the email address. 

If an email address is validated successfully, a green icon is displayed next to the validated email address. On hovering over the green icon, you can view the Validated status and the date on which the email address was validated

If an email address validation fails, a red icon is displayed next to the email address. On hovering over the red icon, you can view the failure status of the validation and the reason for the same. 

Understanding Email Validation Statuses

Here are the email validation statuses on Outplay and their meanings:

Email Validation StatusStatus Description
ValidConfirmed to be an active, real email account that has been verified for secure delivery.
InvalidIdentified as a non-existent or non-functional email address that cannot receive emails. This can result in email bounce-backs and are deemed unsafe for sending. TIP: Avoid sending emails to invalid addresses for optimized and successful email communication.
UnknownUnconfirmed email status. Appeared valid, but the server was unresponsive. This could be due to internal network problems or an expired domain name. Safe to send with personal email servers, but not recommended with third-party providers (where bounce rate must be below 4%).
DisposableDisposable emails are temporary, fake accounts used during sign-up processes. Examples include Mailinator, Guerilla Mail, AirMail, and 10 Minute Mail. They are not safe for sending.
Accept all (Unverifiable)Identified as an "Accept All" domain where all emails sent to this domain are received, regardless of accuracy. Commonly used in small businesses, government, medical and educational organizations, these emails may be valid, but can also be a security measure to prevent unwanted emails. Sending to "Accept All" addresses can be safe with a dedicated email server and a healthy email list. However, if using a third-party email provider with a bounce rate below 4%, sending to these addresses is not recommended.
Not VerifiedThese email addresses have not been verified as safe or not safe for sending, and their status is unknown. Additional checks and verification may be required before sending to these addresses.

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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