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View inbound lead activities on Scheduler

Track inbound lead activities easily

On Meeting Scheduler, you can view all activities related to your inbound leads.

Have they signed up on a particular form? View that activity and all submitted data on the form. Have they booked a meeting with you? Find all meeting-related info in one place. And, it doesn’t stop there!

Through the inbound lead information panel, never miss out on the finer details, and always stay updated on their sales journey! 

Here’s how you can view activities by your inbound lead:

On Outplay, click the Scheduler tab on the top panel.

The Inbound Leads page opens by default. Here, you can select the inbound lead of your choice.

The lead information panel slides in from the right. You can click the Expand icon and view the activities of the selected lead. In the Activity section, you can view:
Information such as the sign-up time and the data submitted by them.
Booked meeting details and more.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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