Enable email validation for specific sequences on Outplay

Ensure Optimal Email Deliverability with Sequence-level Validation

Email validation is an important tool to maintain high email deliverability rates. By validating the primary email address of a prospect, Outplay ensures that emails are only sent to valid, active email addresses. 

To further refine your email delivery process, you can activate email validation for specific sequences. This way, only prospects with good email validation statuses will be added to the sequence, allowing you to avoid any potential deliverability issues. 

Here’s how you can enable email validation for a specific sequence on Outplay: 

  • Log into Outplay. Under the Engagement section, click Sequences from the sidebar menu. 

  • Select the sequence for which you want to enable email validation. 

  • Navigate to the Settings section and to the Email Validation section. You can enable or disable the Email Validation option here. Click Save.


With this option, you can choose to add prospects to a sequence by validating their email addresses. 

NOTE: Only prospects with a "Valid" validation status will be added to the sequence successfully.