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How to set up Outplay Dialer (Admin)

Add dialer credits, purchase numbers, enable Local Dial and much more.

On Outplay, you can directly call your prospect through the Outplay Dialer. But first, you have to add dialer credits and configure your Outplay Dialer settings. 

NOTE: Outplay Dialer can be enabled by an Admin account.

This article discusses the following: 

Add Dialer Credits to your Outplay account

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.


  • Click Billing.


  • Click the Dialer Credits tab. 


  • Click the Add Funds button


  • Select the fund amount and click Add


NOTE: Stripe processing fee will be applicable for every transaction.

TIP: For an uninterrupted Outplay experience, you can enable auto recharge.

Purchase a phone number 

NOTE: Ensure there are sufficient Dialer Credits in your Outplay account to purchase a phone number.

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.


  • Click Dialer.


  • Under Voice Provider, select the option to Use Outplay’s default voice provider


  • Under Add Number, you can:
    • Select the country to which your number should belong. 
    • Enter a specific combination of digits or area code that you want in the number. 
    • Click Search.


  • A list of suitable numbers will appear. You can find the Call and SMS option availability below each number as well.


  • Click the Purchase button against the number of your choice. 

Image 5

  • Once you’ve successfully purchased a number, it will be added to your Unassigned Numbers/ Pool for Local Dial


Assign a number to a user

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.


  • Click Dialer.

Image 6

  • Under Assign Phone Number, you can view a list of all your team members, their email addresses, assigned numbers and call recording options

Image 7

  • To assign a number to a team member, click the + icon under Numbers for the specific team member. 

Image 8

  • A pop-up that lists all the available/ unassigned numbers appears. Select the number you want to assign to the team member from the list.

Image 9

TIP: You can assign multiple numbers to a team member by simply clicking on the + icon next to their assigned number. 

Enable Local Dial for users

Did you know that cold-calling prospects using a local number increases the chances of them attending the call? Research says that people are nearly four times more likely to answer calls from local numbers.

On Outplay, Local Dial enables you to dial prospects using local area codes automatically. 

Here’s how Local Dial works:

Suppose a prospect lives in the US and has a contact number belonging to that region. You’re making a call to that prospect from another country through the Outplay Dialer. When the Local Dial feature is enabled, Outplay detects the region of the prospect’s number, searches your number pool for a Local US number, and automatically assigns it to you. When the prospect receives your call, they see that you’re calling from their own region, increasing the chances of them attending your call. 

To enable Local Dial:

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Image 10

  • Click Dialer.

Image 11

  • Enable the toggle for Local Dial.

Image 13

NOTE: Outplay can only select numbers that are available in your Unassigned Numbers/ Pool for Local Dial.

TIP: You can enable or disable Local Dial for specific users in the Assign Phone Number section. 

Image 14



Create and manage Call Outcomes

Create Call Outcomes for your team members so that they can log call statuses accurately. 

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Image 10

  • Click Dialer.

Image 11

  • Click the Outcomes tab. 

Image 15

  • Click Add Outcome

Image 16

  • The Add Call Outcome window pops up. 
    • You can fill in the field for Name. Under Mapped To, select Answered or Not Answered as per your choice. 
    • Enable the toggle for Mark as Positive Outcome and Is Voicemail if applicable. 

Image 17

  • Click Save

All your Call Outcomes are listed on the Call Outcome page. 

TIP: You can Edit or Delete a call outcome by clicking the kebab icon menu against a call outcome. 

Image 19



Restricted Area Codes

You can avoid calling prospects from specific regions by adding their respective area codes in the Restricted Area Codes section. 

  • On Outplay, go to ProfileSettings.

Image 10

  • Click Dialer.

Image 11

  • Click the Restricted Area Codes tab

Image 21

  • You can add the area codes in the field provided. You can add multiple area codes by separating them with a comma. 

Image 22

  • Click Save

Image 24

The area codes are added to your Restricted Area Codes list.