Pipedrive app panel and app actions for Outplay

App Panels and App Actions to manage your Outplay account directly from Pipedrive

Outplay provides you with App Panels and App Actions on Pipedrive to make it easy to manage all your activities on Outplay from Pipedrive without having to switch between tabs.

These panels provide you with information like:

  1. Prospect ID

  2. Tags

  3. Stage

  4. Sequences

  5. Email opens

  6. Link clicks

  7. Email replies

  8. Next due step

  9. Next step scheduled date & time

  10. Last completed step 

You can click on "See more data" and you will be redirected to the profile of the prospect on Outplay where you can look for all the prospect-related info.

Click on more options in the panel for additional app settings and app actions.

Using the app actions you can directly:

  1. Add prospects to Outplay from Pipedrive

  2. Add prospects to sequences on Outplay

  3. Remove prospects from Sequences on Outplay.

These actions can be performed for a single prospect or a group of selected prospects.

Note: While selecting prospects in bulk to perform these actions, the maximum number of prospects that can be selected is 150.