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Roles and Permissions

Details regarding roles and permissions

You can now customize the profiles for your team members to increase the functionality with the help of Roles and Permissions. You can create many types of Roles for your team members and assign them. We have three default roles like Admin, User, and Observer.

Three Default Roles

  • Admin: Has the privilege to change the settings and can take control of the entire Outplay account. An Admin can create Sequences and assign prospects to team members.

  • User: Has the privilege to create personal sequences but when it comes to team sequences, the user will be able to view his/her tasks, prospects, and team sequences.

  • Observer: An Observer can observe the progress made by his/her team members. An Observer cannot manage sequences, connect email box, set up a calendar and roles & permissions for other roles.

You can create a new role by clicking on 'Add Role'. You can also 'Duplicate' the roles and make some changes to them to create a new role by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the screen.

Here is a detailed video on Roles and Permissions.