Run your daily tasks

Use the dashboard to run through your task list quickly.

Outplay is designed to help you run through your engagement tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you're reading to run through your tasks, just click the Start Task button.

The Tasks panel opens beside the prospect's profile. You can view all the information you need while you complete your task, and make any notes as you go.

If you've added LinkedIn or Twitter accounts for a prospect, you can access them by clicking the icons in the Task panel.

Outplay does as much of the work for you as it can: for example, if the task is from a sequence, emails will be pre-completed ready to send.

Or if the task is a call, the dialer automatically prefills the number for you: all you have to do is click Call.

When you've finished your task, click the Complete button at the bottom right of the screen. Your next task will be automatically displayed, so you can flow through your whole task list quickly and easily.