Add a pass-through number

Add a pass-through number to make calls from your cell phone or landline if your internet connection is weak.

Call pass-through allows you to start a call from the Outplay dialer like you normally would, but use a landline or cell phone to take the actual call. It's useful when your internet connection isn't strong enough to support a clear call connection.

Note: Pass-through works by dialing first your pass-through number and then your prospect's number. We recommend you only use pass-through when necessary.

Additional charges may apply.

Due to the nature of the call with a call being made to your preferred phone and then to the person you are calling, Twilio recognizes two calls taking place and your call rate will be doubled.

Pass-through numbers are added to the Calls screen.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Calls.

To add a pass-through number:

  1. Under Pass-through Number, select your country.

  2. Type the number of the phone you want to use to make calls.
    Your phone number must be a direct line, such as a landline or cell phone. Numbers with extensions are not supported.

  3. Click Save.

Once you want to make your call to your prospect, follow the steps below.

1.  Call your pass-through Number through Outplay Dialer.
2.  Once you receive a call on your passthrough number, dial the prospect phone number.
3.  Your call will be connected.