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Set a different caller ID

You can set a different caller ID to appear when you make calls from the Outplay dialer.

When your prospect receives your call, by default they'll see your Outplay assigned number on their caller ID. It's no secret people are more likely to answer a phone call from a number they recognize, and let unfamiliar numbers go to voicemail.

If your customers are more familiar with another number, such as your personal cell number or your office number, you can have Outplay display that number instead when making calls.

Caller ID numbers must be verified as a number you own, but once a caller ID number is verified for one of your team members, your other team members can also use the same number as their caller ID. Once you've verified a number, you won't need to verify it again, even if you remove it and re-add it.

If you want to change between multiple caller ID numbers, remember:

Once you've set a caller ID number, you can't change it again for five minutes.

Each user can only change a caller ID three times per day.

You can configure your caller ID number in the Calls screen.

Click the user menu, and click Settings.

Click Calls.

To add a caller ID number:

Click Show a different number on Caller ID.

Select the country of the number you want to use.

Type the phone number in.

Click Verify.

Updated on: 23/05/2024

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