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How to create an email alias in Gmail

In this article, we will discuss how to create an email alias within Gmail.

A primary email address is a mailbox address that is assigned to you when you create a mailbox account. When you send an email, your primary email address appears in the From field. 

However, you can have more than one email address associated with your mailbox account. These alternative email addresses are called aliases. They are forwarding email addresses that you can add to your primary email address. Emails sent to the email alias are automatically routed to your primary email account's inbox.

Here’s how you can create an email alias in Gmail:

Log into your Gmail account.
Click Settings.
Navigate to the Quick Settings section and click See All Settings.
Click the Accounts tab.
Navigate to the Send Mail As section, and click Add another email address.
A window pops up and you can enter your name and the address you want to add as an email alias.
Select the checkbox for Treat as an alias.
Click Next Step.
Next, the email alias is verified.
Click Add Account.

The alias is verified and added to your account.

Once the email alias is verified and added, you can add the same to your Outplay account. Here’s how you can go about it:

Log into Outplay.
Under the Engagement section, navigate to Profile and Settings.
Click Emailbox from the sidebar menu.
Select the Gmail mailbox connection to which you want to add an email alias.
Click Add Alias.
The Select Email Alias field appears. You can select the preferred email alias and click Save.

The email alias is added to Outplay.

Updated on: 31/05/2024

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