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Prevent landing in spam by configuring Safety Settings

Configure your Safety Settings to protect your domain

As a sales professional, it's important to have a robust and effective engagement strategy in order to reach potential customers and close deals faster. With Outplay, you can automate and streamline your daily outreach efforts to hundreds of prospects easily.

However, as you scale your outreach efforts, the risk of being flagged as spam by email servers and recipients also increases. In this article, we'll take a look at some key steps you can take to configure your safety settings on Outplay in order to avoid being listed as spam. This includes best practices for personalization, email frequency, and more.

Configure your Safety Settings

Log into Outplay. In the Engagement section, go to ProfileSettings.

On the Settings sidebar menu, navigate to the User section and click Safety Settings.

On the Safety Settings page, there are two sections:
Do Not Contact


Under the General tab, you can configure several general settings for your Outplay activities. 

You can configure the following settings:

Click Save.

Do Not Contact

It is common to find contacts you do not wish to include in your outreach efforts within your prospect list. Set up your Do Not Contact/ DNC list to avoid emails being sent to such contacts, even if they are added to a sequence.

On the Safety Settings page, click the Do Not Contact tab.

In the Add New Domain field, enter the domain you want to avoid contacting. For example,

Click the Add button.

To add domains in bulk:

Click Bulk Add.

The Add Multiple field appears. Here, you can add a list of domains separated by a new line.

After adding the domains, click the tick button.

The domain(s) you want to avoid contacting is now added to the Do Not Contact list.

Updated on: 10/07/2024

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