Block emails to specific domains

Create a Do Not Contact list to prevent your team sending emails to certain domains.

You can block emails to certain domains to ensure your team can't accidentally contact competitors, current customers or any other domains you don't want to include in your sales outreach. Outplay will automatically block any attempt to send emails to these domains.

Note: You must be an Admin to block email domains.

  1. Click the user menu, and click Settings.

  2. Click Safety Settings.

  3. Click Do Not Contact.

Type a domain and click the tick button to add it to the Do Not Contact list.

If you want to add several domains at once:

  1. Click Bulk Add.

  2. Type each domain on a new line.

  3. Click the tick button.

To remove a domain from the Do Not Contact list:

  1. Click the options icon for the domain.

  2. Click Delete.