Conditional and Date Variables

You can add conditional and date variables to the emails while creating your custom template for your sequences.

You can find the options under "Misc" tab.

Please navigate to the bottom bar in the email template and click on "{ }" button and then click "Misc" to open up the list of all the conditional variables available to use. Please find the below screenshot to understand the same: 


Note: Date variables are also available once you scroll down half way in the list under Misc tab. 

Here is an example of how to make use of these variables and understand the best scenario to use them.
  {{Text you wanted to escape}}
Conditional Variable in use: {{#if firstname}}{{#else}}{{#endif}}


How to use in Email Template: Hi {{#if firstname}} {{firstname}} {{#else}} there {{#endif}}


 {{#if firstname}} {{firstname}}: This is the condition here that says if there is first name available for a contact then use firstname as per the above example.
Hence this is what the system uses as first name is available


 {{#else}}: This condition says if first condition is not met i.e, no first name for the prospect then use text there as per the above example. 


 {{#endif}}: This is how we denote the end of the logic/condition. 


Note:  {{firstname}} and there in the above example are values that the user has to specify in the Conditional variable. 

Kindly visit the below link to see more examples of Conditional and Date Variables